Statement on closure of ‘Dubs’ scheme

Separated refugee children are denied safe passage to the UK as the government closes the door opened by the ‘Dubs’ amendment.

Briefing on children’s access to refugee family reunion

Adult refugees in the UK are entitled to apply to the Home Office to bring their immediate family to live with them here. However, children do not have this right.

Department for Education draft statutory guidance for local authorities: ‘care of unaccompanied migrant children and child victims of modern slavery’

The RCC provided detailed comments on DfE draft guidance on the ‘care of unaccompanied migrant children and child victims of modern slavery‘. The comments take two forms: overarching observations about the guidance and some specific comments relating to paragraphs which are referenced in line with the document; read these comments in parallel with the guidance hereYou can read the full RCC response to the draft guidance here.

The Refugee Children’s Consortium (RCC) is a group of NGOs working collaboratively to ensure that the rights and needs of refugee and migrant children are promoted, respected and met in accordance with the relevant domestic, regional and international standards.