Briefing on the National Transfer Scheme for asylum-seeking children

The National Transfer Scheme for unaccompanied asylum-seeking children has been in operation for a year. The RCC briefs on its operation and gives recommendations for the future.

Department for Education draft statutory guidance for local authorities 

The Refugee Children’s Consotrium provided detailed comments on Department for Education draft guidance on the ‘care of unaccompanied migrant children and child victims of modern slavery‘.

A strong and united voice for refugee and migrant children

The RCC began as, and remains, a lobbying group that brings together organisations with expertise in refugee and/or children’s issues. Together we contribute to the debate on how refugee and migrant children’s rights can best be protected in an increasingly hostile environment. Read about the past work of the RCC and its future.

The Refugee Children’s Consortium (RCC) is a group of NGOs working collaboratively to ensure that the rights and needs of refugee and migrant children are promoted, respected and met in accordance with the relevant domestic, regional and international standards.