Below are some of the campaigns being run by RMCC members:

Refugee Council, British Red Cross, UNHCR, Amnesty UK, Oxfam UK: Keep families together

refugee campaignWe know that for refugees who have been through so much, rebuilding their lives and integrating in new, unfamiliar communities is much more likely if their families are with them. But restrictive government rules are leaving them isolated, traumatised and alone in the UK, knowing that the people they love still face untold dangers in other countries.

By voting on 16th March to reunite refugee families, our MPs can show true leadership and help refugees rebuild their lives in the UK. These fairer new rules would stop children having to grow up alone, without their family in the UK, young women being stranded in war zones and elderly parents left to fend for themselves.

Click here to ask your MP to attend the Private Members’ Bill debate.

Student Action for Refugees (STAR): Equal Access campaign

refugee campaignPeople who have sought refugee protection in the UK do not have equal access to university; most are classed as international students which mean they are charged higher fees. On top of this most cannot get a student loan and do not have the right to work to earn money to pay their fees and living costs. Student Action for Refugees (STAR) and the National Union of Students (NUS) teamed up in 2012 to change this and since then we have been campaigning for Equal Access to university for all people seeking refugee protection here in the UK. Read more here.

refugee campaign

Refugee Action: Let Refugees Learn

Refugees who have found safety in the UK want to rebuild their lives and be part of their new communities. Sadly, they have a huge obstacle to restarting their lives, because there aren’t enough English classes.

Join Refugee Action’s campaign to Let Refugees Learn, and ensure that refugees get timely access to English classes and the support they need to attend them.